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Do you feel that something is missing in your sex life? You are probably right. Don't settle for mediocre sex! With the right guidance everyone can learn to have fulfilling, juicy and deeply connected sex.

Authentic People 

Forget about simple parlor tricks that get you nowhere. Learn to use sex as a doorway to more confidence, happiness, and pleasure in your life.

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Become part of the Ultimate Lovers community. Learn the ropes through tried and tested techniques. Discover innovative and visionary exercises, perfected by an experienced tantric gigolo with the help of many conscious female lovers.

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Become an ultimate lover and experience what great sex is all about.

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No more 5 minute disasters! Learn how you retrain your body to enjoy great sex for as long as you want. 

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Tailormade advice and exercises how you can learn to become an ultimate lovers (available to women, men and couples).

About Yves

Sex has fascinated me all my life. And of course I am not the only one. Much in life seems to revolve around sex and the sexual attraction between the masculine and the feminine. Ever since I was a teenager I have been amazed that at school we would learn all about human biology and procreation, but nothing about how to have great sex. In 2013, I joined a tantra school. This changed my life. In my pursuit to become an ultimate lover, and as a result of my insatiable hunger for sexual wisdom, I relentlessly practiced my sexual skills for thousands of hours with hundreds of tantric and non-tantric women. In 2015 I became a tantric gigolo and sex educator. Since then I have coached women as well as couples on their path of becoming ultimate lovers.

What other people say

Al, 52, Dublin, Ireland

‘Ultimate Lovers is both honest and refreshing. It doesn’t shy away from the fact that sex is both exciting and scary.'

Bill, 34, Bristle, England

‘They don’t teach this at school! Why not? I learned more about sex in an hour from the Ultimate Lovers community than years of waffling with friends.’

Nicholas, 19, Atlanta GA, USA

‘I literally didn’t know anything about sex. Porn is fucked up. Yves helped me get my imagination back.' 

John, 23, Glasgow

‘Finally a place where men can actually learn about sex and not feel like an absolute twat!'

Peter, 37, Amsterdam

“Ultimate Lovers saved my marriage by reminding me what’s important and showing me new ways to live out what’s important!’

Nathan, 32 Boston MA, USA

‘At a time when we have, ‘just grab em by the pussy presidents!’, it’s great to see a movement talking about what it is to be a real man. Vulnerabilities and all.'