About Yves

Do you feel that something is missing in your sex life? 

You are probably right.

Do you want to:

  • Be confident during sex?
  • Learn to trust your body and feel into hers?
  • Be able to have mindblowing sex for as long as you want and even experience full body orgasms?
  • Live out your sexual fantasies in a healthy way, without shame?
  • Be able to nail a womans' secret longings and lead her to sexual ecstasy?
  • Use sex as a doorway to self-discovery, more authenticity, and more succes in life?

About Yves

Sex has fascinated me all my life. And of course I am not the only one. Much in life seems to revolve around sex and the sexual attraction between the masculine and the feminine. Ever since I was a teenager I have been amazed that at school we would learn all about human biology and procreation, but nothing about how to have great sex. In 2013, I joined a tantra school. This changed my life. In my pursuit to become an ultimate lover, and as a result of my insatiable hunger for sexual wisdom, I relentlessly practiced my sexual skills for thousands of hours with hundreds of tantric and non-tantric women. In 2015 I became a tantric gigolo and sex educator. Since then I have coached women as well as couples on their path of becoming ultimate lovers.

Why am I reading this?  

How to give her what she craves during sex 

When you search the internet, you will find legions of tips, tricks and tools on how to become a better lover, how to make your partner orgasm more/better/deeper, how to create the perfect sex life everybody wants. I tried many of these easy solutions, and although they may give you or her a little more pleasure in the bedroom, the sex stays mediocre. I want you to experience great sex as it was meant to be, in which you can live out your wildest fantasies while staying deeply connected with your lover, without any worries or shame, having incredible amounts of fun, and experience divine states of sexual ecstasy the natural way. I want you and your lover to have sex for hours and experience orgasms that last for minutes and that you never knew existed. You don’t get there with some simple tricks. You will have to learn how to be fully present and vulnerable with a woman, and to feel into her body as if it is your own. That is what it takes before she trusts you enough to let go of her last bit of control and surrender to you completely. And only then will you know what a really horny woman looks like. In short, it is not about what you do. It is about how you do it. It is about what you are. And this is what I will teach you. Check out for free to learn what every woman craves when she is having sex with you. 

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With the right mindset and practice, anyone can become an ultimate lover. And this is what I want most, and what the world dearly needs. There are just too many people on this planet trying to enjoy mediocre sex, not connecting deeply with each other in the moment, but stuck in their heads worrying about themselves, what their lover thinks of them, afraid to really show the other what they feel inside, ashamed of their own horniness. Sex can be so much more. On my path of becoming an ultimate lover, the sexual experiences I had felt more like miracles, and seemed to be straight out of an (adult) Harry Potter movie. Nowadays these miracles have become normal for me when I have sex. My biggest desire is to make you experience the same as I do. I see it as my life purpose to spread the knowledge of how to experience great sex, and make this place a happier, hornier and juicier place in the process.

My story

My first sexual experience was disappointing, to say the least. Since then I have always had the feeling that something was missing when I was having sex. You could say I was an okay lover. That is to say I never had any complaints (did you hear that before?). I was ashamed to talk to my buddies about my insecurities when it came to my sexual prowess. And judging by what my buddies told me about their ‘trophies’, they were either well educated in the sexual arts, or just as ashamed as I was.

Sex, for the first part of my life, seemed to be something you just did, just fumbling along without the proper training, hoping you got it right but never knowing for sure. My self-image as a sexual being was very fragile and dependent on the appreciation of my lovers. I read books and searched the internet about how to make a women come, and about what tips and tricks I could apply to make me a great lover. This had a certain effect, but the sex still left me unsatisfied and unfulfilled. There was this nagging feeling that there had to be more to sex than I was experiencing.

Things changed when I stumbled upon the book “The Multi-orgasmic man”, by tao master Mantak Chia. Then I discovered the teachings of tantra master David Deida. Shortly after that I became a student of my current tantra school. It was love at first sight. All my blindly accepted belief systems around sex and sexuality were challenged. It was as if my eyes were open for the first time and I could see the sexual landscape behind my insecurities, my shame, and the taboos I had been carrying around unknowingly for most of my life. What I saw looked more than just promising. It looked outright miraculously, juicy, horny and - yes - healthy. 

It was in tantra that I learnt that men and women have totally different and equally important roles when it comes to creating great sex together, and how both have their specific rewards and challenges. I also learnt, through trial and error, how a strong, present and vulnerable man can lead almost any woman into sexual ecstasy. Most importantly, I experienced first hand that you really can melt together with your lover and disappear in each other until there is nothing left but two bodies dancing with each other in perfect harmony and bliss.

Ultimate Lovers

When you become an ultimate lover, you will:

  • Have great, juicy sex that will make the best porn you have ever seen look bleak, cold and detached in comparison.
  • Know what all women crave during sex, and how to give this to her
  • Be able to have sex for as long as you want and walk away rejuvenated and full of energy in stead of feeling empty and tired
  • Know how to lead a woman to sexual surrender and nail her secret longings
  • Be able to live out your sexual fantasies in a healthy way, without shame
  • Learn to embrace your dark side
  • Know how to touch and play with a woman’s body that drives her wild
  • Be able to become orgasmic for minutes on end, and even experience full body orgasms (Warning: this may reduce your ejaculatory orgasm to a boring genital sneeze you’d rather avoid!)
  • Know how to create sexual tension inside and outside the bedroom
  • Be brave and vulnerable enough to do that which makes both you and her super horny
  • Trust your body and intuition to do the right thing in any given sexual situation
  • Use sex as a doorway to self-discovery and to more authenticity, happiness and succes in life
  • Know how to use the power of your voice and words during sex

Don't settle for mediocre sex

  1. Do you suffer from performance anxiety when you have sex?
  2. Do you come faster than you would like to?
  3. Are you insecure about how and where to touch a woman?
  4. Do you worry about what she wants you to do during sex? 
  5. Are you afraid to do what you really want to do with her, what turns you on?
  6. Do you find it difficult to take the lead during sex
  7. Is your lover telling you what to do in bed?
  8. Are you up in your head, worrying, fantasizing, planning?
  9. Do you feel tired, empty, dissatisfied or not attracted to your lover anymore after sex?

Becoming an ultimate lover means getting to know and accept yourself. It means becoming more authentic, more real. It means being present with your lover as well as with life, and being strong by showing your vulnerability in all its forms. It will not only greatly improve your sex life, it will also positively influence your relationships and career, your outlook on life and your overall happiness. In other words, there is no better, more fun and juicier way of boosting your personal growth than learning to become an ultimate lover!

How beautiful would it be if we all could enjoy sex as it was meant to be, without any worries or shame, having incredible amounts of fun, and experience divine states of sexual ecstasy the natural way?

There are few things more blissful than when your lover feels safe enough to surrender to you because you are fully present with her and can feel into her body as if it was your own, trusting yourself to touch, move or act in the right way, without any mindfucks about what to do and how to do it. 

Do you have questions, or need help?