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How to give her what she craves during sex

  • Learn why your masculine presence is key
  • Let go of your pleaser mentality
  • Nail her secret longing
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Yves and I have known each other for years and I can safely say that over those years I have received some very helpful imprints from him on how I can improve my sex life. In my opinion, the Ultimate Lovers Men’s Program is more than just a sex education tool. In fact it shows some very deep wisdom and not only that, it is new, innovative and desperately needed in these modern times, where many men are confused about their role as lover.

Around 5 years ago I started my journey from unsatisfying sex, trying to do it right and aiming to please my partner, to the deep and fulfilling sex I experience now. And I would have never guessed beforehand that the ingredients to this profound change would be the ones that Yves is now willing to share with us. Furthermore, the insights and wisdom that Yves shares in this program have recently taken my sex life to the next level. If I had received this knowledge before, I am sure I would have gotten much quicker to where I am right now.

The online community in which Yves regularly shares new knowledge and in which he honestly and vulnerably shares his experiences is quite inspirational, and creates a real sense of brotherhood. Hats off to this incredibly delicate and vulnerable program.

Edmar Janssens, Men’s Coach, www.integratedmale.com

It has taken me years to become an ultimate lover. How to sexually open a woman, have her relax and feel safe enough to surrender to my masculine guidance, is a skill that I mastered through trial and error. I am still learning more and more as I continue to deepen my practice.

With the right mindset and guidance, you can become an ultimate lover as well. And this is what I want most, and what the world dearly needs. There are just too many people on this planet trying to enjoy mediocre sex, disconnected and stuck in their heads worrying about themselves, what their lover thinks of them, afraid to show the other what they really feel inside, ashamed of their horniness. Sex can be so much more.

Anyone can learn how to create great sex. Anyone can experience how liberating, loving and horny it feels to live out their wildest fantasies while staying deeply connected with each other. And that is just the start of it. Ultimate Lovers use sex as a doorway to self-discovery: great sex creates real, authentic people.

This free e-book will explain to you some of the key essentials of what a woman craves during sex. I can only tell you how important these essentials are. But don’t take my word for it! Find out for yourself how applying these can transform your sex life very quickly. Real knowledge only comes through personal experience.

  • Give her what she craves during sex
  • Learn to get out of your head and stay in the moment
  • Allow yourself to do what you want to do with her

Give her what she craves during sex

Don’t settle for mediocre sex! Download the free E-book and learn 3 key essentials that any woman is longing for.