Ultimate Lovers Men's Program

Ultimate Lovers Men's Program

Become an ultimate lover and join the community

Do you settle for mediocre sex?

Men regularly tell me things like:

  1. “I don’t get any complaints, but still I worry if I perform well in bed.”
  2. “I am never really satisfied after sex.”
  3. “I wish the sex would be as juicy and horny again as when we first met.”
  4. “I feel guilty if she doesn’t come first.”

Maybe some of these things sound familiar?

Am I a good lover?

I can tell you that it sure does to me. For years I have been worrying if I was a good lover or not. I was insecure about the size of my cock, felt clumsy when touching a woman’s body, and was always busy trying to figure out if she liked what I was doing. When I took a girl home on Saturday night, I felt awkward, as if an alien life form had snatched my body and was messing up my thoughts and emotions. However, most nights I would return home alone, where I would watch porn and fantasize about all the girls I didn’t get.

When I had a steady girlfriend, the sex was good - but then it became predictable and boring very soon. I would compare myself with her former boyfriends, feeling happy if she told me that the sex with me was better, but doubting myself if she said what a great lover he was.

This all changed in 2013 when I made a decision that transformed my life. Because of this decision, 4 bizarre things happened.

Sexual deconditioning

The decision: I decided to join a tantra school. Up until this point, I regarded sex as something you just do. I didn’t see it as something you can learn and become an expert in. However, I had this nagging feeling I was missing out on something. What if I would succeed in finding out what this was?

The first few workshops I did with my tantra school were highly sexual. All my blindly accepted belief systems around sex and sexuality were challenged. It was as if my eyes were open for the first time and I could see the sexual landscape behind my insecurities, my shame, and the taboos I had been carrying around unknowingly for most of my life. What I saw looked more than just promising. It looked outright miraculously, juicy, horny and - yes - healthy.

Living out my sexual fantasy

For years I had this dream in which I could fly. I used this skill to fly through the open windows of buildings and skyscrapers, have a quickie with a beautiful damsel in distress - no introduction or conversation needed - then fly out of the window again and on to the next building, open window and beautiful woman. You could say this was my biggest sexual fantasy: ‘taking’ multiple women in a row.

On party night during my first tantric workshop, I had the good fortune to go from one beautiful woman to another, kissing and dancing with them, feeling free as a bird, without worry, guilt or shame. With some of the girls I would lie down on a mattress in the corner and make out. Only a few days earlier I’d dreamt my dream. After this party night, I never ever dreamt it again. Bizarre!

All the confidence I needed

The second bizarre thing that happened: suddenly I had all the confidence I needed to have sex dates with my newfound tantric girlfriends, and ‘take’ them in ways I never imagined I could. One woman asked me if I wanted to help her with safely living out her ‘rape’ fantasy. Another wanted to practice deep throating. A third was interested in slow, tender sex while maintaining eye contact.

As if this was the most natural thing in the world, I said yes, of course.

All of a sudden, sex became incredibly fun and challenging at the same time. Sometimes I was totally lost what to do, having one or even two naked women in my bed, ready to give themselves to me if only I would just do or say the right thing. At other times, I was able to fully trust my body to do what was needed, without any need to think, plan or worry. 

Great sex for authentic people

Bizarre: the more sex I had, in all its forms and colors, the more I learned about who and what I really was. Sex changed from something you just do to a juicy - and confronting - feedback mechanism on my wants and fears. The results of my relentless sexual practice with many, many women were astonishing.

Not only did I learn to lead women into full body and womb orgasms that could last for minutes on end. I also learnt to live according to what was important for me in life, and cared less about what the world would think of me. I learnt to clearly communicate my boundaries. My relationships with friends, family and even colleagues improved drastically. I discovered how much more vulnerable, honest and real I could be.

Sex positively influenced every aspect in my life. It made me a happier, stronger, more confident and more authentic male. Who ever said that spiritual practice was boring?

Tantric Gigolo

I will stop calling everything bizarre after this one: in 2015, I was trained by  my teachers to become a tantric gigolo. All of a sudden, my passion became my work. Women were paying me a lot of money to have deep, mindblowing sex with them. Bizarre, right?

In my sessions I would guide a woman into deep sexual surrender. Only then would she feel safe enough to show me all her horniness, happiness and - yes, that is part of it too - let go of painful emotions that were stored in her body. I would intuit her secret longings and bring them to the surface until there was nothing left of her but a moaning voice and a squirming body in full rapture. If she was ready for it, she would experience deep, long-lasting orgasms she never knew existed.

Anyone can learn how to have great sex

Men started to approach me with sexual issues they had. They also told me that their woman would not let go of control during sex. On the other hand, women complained to me that their lover, partner of spouse didn’t have what it takes to fuck them properly and guide them to sexual ecstasy. In most cases, both sides were right at the same time.

So I started giving couple sessions, where I explained, coached and showed both the man and the woman how they could become ultimate lovers themselves.

Soon it became clear to me that everyone could enjoy great sex. With the right guidance, they could enjoy it not sometimes, not often, but nearly every single time. It also became clear to me that just by being a tantric gigolo I wasn’t going to reach all the people who had the same feeling of missing out on something, just as I had only four years ago. So I founded UltimateLovers.com, and the Ultimate Lovers community was born. 

The Ultimate Lovers community

No one has to and should settle for mediocre sex. But in order to find out just how mediocre the sex is somebody is having, he or she needs to educate themselves, and experience the miraculous alternative of great sex. The how-to of great sex is what UltimateLovers is all about.

A lot of men came to me with issues like:

  1. "I want to be able to have sex for longer periods, but I don't know how."
  2. "What do I need to do to bring my lover to sexual ecstasy?"
  3. "How can I be confident enough to firmly take the lead in bed, and take her in the way that I want and that she also likes?" 
  4. "How can I find out what she really craves for during sex, if she doesn't even know it herself?

So I decided to help men become great and confident lovers themselves. By offering the Ultimate Lovers Men's Program (ULMP), I can support a lot of men at the same time in their process of becoming Ultimate Lovers. If you join the program, you become part of the online ULMP community where you can share your experiences, and give and ask your fellow men for feedback and help.

Yves and I have known each other for years and I can safely say that over those years I have received some very helpful imprints from him on how I can improve my sex life. In my opinion, the Ultimate Lovers Men’s Program is more than just a sex education tool. In fact it shows some very deep wisdom and not only that, it is new, innovative and desperately needed in these modern times, where many men are confused about their role as lover.

Around 5 years ago I started my journey from unsatisfying sex, trying to do it right and aiming to please my partner, to the deep and fulfilling sex I experience now. And I would have never guessed beforehand that the ingredients to this profound change would be the ones that Yves is now willing to share with us. Furthermore, the insights and wisdom that Yves shares in this program have recently taken my sex life to the next level. If I had received this knowledge before, I am sure I would have gotten much quicker to where I am right now.

The online community in which Yves regularly shares new knowledge and in which he honestly and vulnerably shares his experiences is quite inspirational, and creates a real sense of brotherhood. Hats off to this incredibly delicate and vulnerable program.

Edgar Jansens, Men’s Coach

If you join the Ultimate Lovers Men's Program, you will get:

  • The e-course “the Ultimate Lovers Men’s Program” (pdf), that will teach you how to bring a woman to sexual ecstasy and introduce you to the basics of great sex.
  • Information and instruction videos from me or a female ultimate lover to further deepen your practice. 
  • Instant access to a growing body of videos, add-on modules, interviews, articles, bonus exercises and podcasts covering the subject of great sex and how to become an ultimate lover.
  • Lifelong access to all content.

Bonus 1

Free admittance untill April 2018 to the ULMP online Community, where you can go for tips, get feedback, share your process, and ask your questions.

Bonus 2

Free access to my video log, where I will share with you my personal experiences and challenges, beautiful moments and learnings that I encounter during gigolo sessions and sexual interactions with my lovers.

For which men is the Ultimate Lovers Men's Program  suitable?

The program is suitable for you if you want to:

  • Have great, juicy sex that will make the best porn you have ever seen look bleak, cold and detached in comparison
  • Have mindblowing sex for as long as you want, become orgasmic for minutes on end, and even experience full body orgasms
  • Know how to bring any woman to sexual ecstasy
  • Live out your sexual fantasies in a healthy way, without shame
  • Use sex as a doorway to self-discovery, more authenticity, and more succes in life

Why should I sign up for the program?

The Ultimate Lovers Men's Program is unique in its kind:

  • I share my experiences as a gigolo in an authentic, honest and very vulnerable way
  • The insights I share are tried and tested, yet innovative and visionary
  • The program is aimed at becoming a true, honest and real lover, rather than tricks and tips
  • The program has been developed with the help of many conscious female lovers
  • It reflects what women and men desire on a deep unconscious level, and has never been made explicit before 

Become an ultimate lover today

It doesn’t matter what your experience with sex is before you start with the program. As this program is in its core not about learning simple parlor tricks but about becoming a real, confident sexual male, it will provide indispensable value for any man who wants to go deep with a woman.

Your investment for participation in the Ultimate Lovers Men's Program is €150,-. You will learn what it takes to become an Ultimate Lover, transform your sex life, and become a happier, hornier and more authentic person.