Learn Conscious Touch, Tantra Massage & Tantric Sex during this 10 hour Online Course divided into 4 fun evenings. Learn everything about the course below.

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The course is designed to last 8 weeks, but you are free to set your own pace

  • 4 Breathing Exercises intense and effective to open and connect you (1 hr total)
  • 8 Tantra Exercises learn conscious touch in a daring and exiting way (5 hrs total)
  • 4 Tantra Massages just follow the hands on screen to become a massage pro (2 hrs total)
  • 12 Tips for Tantric Sex hands-on so you can start practicing together right away (1 hr total)
  • 4 Sexperiments demonstrations that will inspire you to Sexplore together (1 hr total)
  • a lot of Scientific Fun Facts to explain scientifically what happens in your body
  • Theory & Examples your advanced instructor will guide you through all exercises


  • Orgasm Article 10 page long, scientific content mixed with personal stories
  • Set up Date Space 10 simple tips to create a great space for your date nights
  • Breath MP3's special mixed music with guided voice so you can do all exercises whenever and wherever you want


and see how you can learn Tantra in your own home and at your own pace

'We had to admit: sex had become boring and repetitive. We both wanted to do something about that but were shy. A friend advised this Online Course and we had so much fun. We even booked a hotel room for one of the Dates! Simple hand-ons tips and deep insights, it's all in there and made huge improvements inside and outside the bedroom. The massages are easy to follow and my girl says I massage like a pro now.'

- Joanne & Guus (The Netherlands) - together for 4 years, were in testpanel of the course


Tantra originated a long time ago in India. It consisted of written instructions for meditation and bodily practices that were aimed at leading the practitioner towards self-realisation. Over the centuries, tantra has enjoyed many different forms of expression in so many times and places.

In the west, tantra - sometimes called neo-tantra - has become mainly associated with doing sexual practices. These were aimed, among other things, at generating sexual energy and spiritual transformation. In this context sexual relations become sacred.

At Ultimate Lovers, we aim to translate these sexual practices in down-to-earth exercises that anyone can do, not matter their background or former experience. We give you enough of the science and explanation you need to get started, show you beautiful demonstrations how to do the exercises, and then it is up to you.

You don’t need to study sacred texts and go to dozens of workshop to learn about and experience real intimacy, deep connectedness and great sex. Let us guide you on your way of becoming an Ultimate Lover.

Why would I learn about and improve my skills in the bedroom?

Conscious Touch, Tantric Massage and Tantric Sex are skills that can be learned and practiced. It’s common to take piano lessons to learn how to play the scales. It’s also normal to take surf lessons to learn how to ride the waves. But where do you learn the art of great sex? Not at school, usually not from your parents, and certainly not from the online fast food porn that you can see within two mouse clicks.

There are hundred of books and workshops on offer, but people often find books too boring and workshops too intimidating. That’s why I’ve created an online course that is deep, exciting, and can be done in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.


Second half of september you get access to the first Date Night. The other 3 Date Nights will be released soon after.


  • 40% discount off the original price
  • you can start practising right away:
    • direct access to 1 breathing exercise (video as well as MP3)
    • direct access to 1 tantric exercise
    • direct access to 1 animation with scientific explanation of touch
  • The first 20 couples who enroll as Early Bird can ask Instructor Yves 3 questions and will receive a personal video of Yves with their answers
  • All Early Birds get free access to the monthly webinars of Instructor Yves (you can ask him anything)
  • Free E-book for him: 20 pages full of tips for men to start Tantra


'Hi, I’m Yves and I’m a Tantric Gigolo. A what?! That’s right… a Tantric Gigolo. For years, I have coached women and couples on their path to becoming better lovers and creating a better sex life. I have practiced my sexual skills for thousands of hours. I am not like a sex therapist who only offers counseling for the bedroom, I actually go into that bedroom with them, where I am able to observe, explain, demonstrate and participate directly.

Making the change from being a lawyer to being a Tantric Gigolo has completely transformed my life. As a lawyer, I felt that I was missing embodiment and depth, due to being stuck in my head all day. Now, I feel much more present in my body and have so much more fun during work. Because of my profession as a Sex Educator, people often confide in me and tell me they feel like something is missing in their sex life. They ask me what to do about sex that has become dull, disconnected, repetitive and unsatisfying. After years of doing sessions, I came to the realisation that I would reach more people via online courses and explain step by step what you can do to get connection and pleasure back.'

'We definitely had our struggles. But Wow, the Tantric Date Nights made us feel like we just got married again, but with an amazing upgrade in the bedroom. Simple steps, good theory, amazing demonstrations. We were joking that this course is a lot cheaper and a lot more for than a divorce lawyer :). Would definitely recommend this course.'

- Bill & Tracey, (USA) - married for 11 years and were in testpanel of the course


  • If you want to learn how to create a deep connection and enjoy great sex with your partner
  • If you are interested in the sexual practices of tantra, but don’t want to go to scary workshops, or read books about it.
  • If you want to start explore tantra or deepen your experience with tantra.
  • If you have a busy life and want to decide yourself when and where you do these exercises.
  • If you can’t tell the difference anymore of what is useful and correct information, or absolute nonsense, because of all the contradicting sources around sex, from internet and social media to what your friends are telling you.

This is a first course in a series of three, in which we will teach and show you everything you need to know and work on to become an ultimate lover. Nowadays most people are overly focused on their genitals during sex. They are disconnected from the rest of their bodies and desensitized through factors as internet porn and the stresses of modern life. That is why in this first course we will take the focus away from the genitals so you can learn how to transform the whole body into one giant orgasmic cock or pussy.

We will take you as a couple on a Tantric Sexploration of 4 Date Nights of around 2,5 hours each. Ultimate Lovers will provide you with the tools you need to expand your toolbox and restore passion, pleasure and polarity to your sex life. Each Date night contains easy-to-follow instructional videos.

Read more about Ultimate Lovers Essentials here.

Take a look at the full curriculum of the course here.

'We wanted to learn more about Tantra & Tantric Massage and found some classes but we didn't want to do this in a group. We wanted the privacy and feeling of safety of our own home. Then we found these Date Nights online. Our goal was massage and yes we learned them with clear instructions and filmed on a beautiful location! Next to the massages it were the fun Tantra exercises gave us the deep insights. We only now see we did so much assumptions in what the other desires.'

Dilip & Leela (India) - married for 18 years, were in testpanel of the course