Sexual Education at its best - Learn Conscious Touch, Tantra Massage & Tantric Lovemaking in this online course of 4 fun evenings. In your own home and at your own pace.

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'The essence of tantra is bringing consciousness to your sexual practice so it doesn’t become a means to an end but you become totally present with feelings as they arise.'


Get an idea of this Tantric Date Nights online course that gives you 10 hours of inspiration


  • Longing for a deep and fulfilling connection with your partner?
  • Longing for more chemistry and passion in the bedroom?
  • Experiencing pain or feeling numb during sex, and would you like to transform this into pleasure?
  • Insecure about what your partner wants or afraid to express your desires?
  • Curious to learn about Tantra but afraid to attend a workshop?



Each of the 4 Date Nights has a duration of around 2,5 hours. The course is designed to last 8 weeks so we advise to plan a Date Night every 2 weeks. But of course you are free to set your own pace.

The course includes:

  • 4 Breath Exercises relax and open your body to establish a deep connection with your partner (1 hr total)
  • 8 Conscious Touch Exercises resensitize yourself and transform your whole body into one orgasmic zone (5 hrs total)
  • 4 Tantra Massages instructional videos that will guide you in giving your partner a sensual massage (2 hrs total)
  • 12 Tantra Tips hands-on tried and tested tips that will have a profound impact on your lovemaking (1 hr total)
  • 4 Tantric Explorations inspiring demonstrations that will inspire you to explore erotically together (1 hr total)


  • Have the tools and skills you need to transform your lovemaking and know how to skillfully massage your partner with more than just your hands
  • Know how to include your whole body (and not only your genitals) into your lovemaking and start exploring the vast variety of orgasmic states
  • Know how to express your desires and boundaries to your partner
  • Know how to use breath, relaxation and many other tools to prolong your lovemaking
  • Understand how to create a strong polarity between you and your partner

"It helped us connect in softness with each other"

"We had a very relaxing evening! We find it difficult at times to schedule connection time with each other, as we both have busy lives. But after watching your welcome video, I really got in the mood for the date nights. I loved preparing the play space! The demonstrations, set in tropical surroundings, are stunning. Following the clear instructions and doing the exercises really helped us stepping out of our normal patterns. I have never given a guided massage before, and I really enjoyed doing it. And my boyfriend loved receiving it 😉. The date nights’ structure really helped us connect in softness with each other."

- Cindy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands



Conscious sexuality is a skill that can be learned, cultivated, practiced and deepened. It's more than just short-lived pleasures, friction and routine. But who teaches us the art of great sex? It’s quite common to take lessons to learn how to play the piano. It’s also normal to take surf lessons to learn how to ride the waves. But where to go when you want to learn how to move your hands along your partner’s body?

Not school...

Let’s be honest. Sexual education in school is virtually non-existent. In biology you learn how to reproduce and maybe prevent pregnancy, and that is pretty much it. No one is teaching us about our orgasmic potential and pleasure in our bodies. At school they don't tell us how to say full YES to your desires and also a full NO when stating your boundaries, although this is extremely important because it can prevent a lot of issues. If school isn't teaching us, then where to go?

Not porn...

Porn shows us what people fantasize about and often provides not much more than a 'quick release' after which we might feel relaxed but also depleted. Most of the time you see just two (or more...) people having 'rabbit style' sex without being present in a more emotional connection. Porn doesn’t teach us anything about how to restore passion, create a strong chemistry, re-sensitize our senses, fully tune in to each other, and explore different kinds of orgasms.

Seldom our parents...

If we are lucky, our parents had an open mindset towards sex and sexuality, but even if this was the case, chances are that they also never had anyone teach them how look at each other, touch and feel into each other, and reach orgasmic states.

The solution: Follow our online course in your own home & at your own pace

Ultimate Lovers online tantric courses will bring you all the sexual wisdom you missed at school, in porn and from your parents. Of course you can also go to a tantra workshop, but not everyone is ready to go to tantra or intimacy workshops to learn about a delicate subject like sex. For many people these kinds of workshops are either too intimidating, too expensive, or too difficult to plan. Ultimate Lovers online courses are designed for people who want to learn the art of great sex in the comfort of their own homes and at their own pace.

If you want to know which fundamentals we teach you, see the Ultimate Lovers Essentials.

"It felt like our own private workshop"

Doing the date night’s exercises and sharings with each other helped bring a depth of connection to our sexual play that we hadn’t experienced before. We never realised just how passionate we could look at each other. Or how much energy we could move through the other’s body with just our hands alone. Yves showed us how we could connect with each other by not only using our hands and bodies, but also our breath. This not only made our bodies much more sensitive. It also fired up our desires big time!

We would say that Tantric Date Nights should be the starter kit for everyone who longs for a deep sexual and sensual connection with their partner.

Yves’ explanations, as well as the beautiful demonstrations of the exercises, massages and tantric experiments, were very inspiring. It felt like we had our own private workshop where everything was slowed down and talked about in a way that made it safe to share whilst also being sexy and fun.

Thank you Yves!

- Santa and James, London, United Kingdom


Coaching in the bedroom

Hi, I’m Yves and I have been a sex educator for years. I have coached women and couples on their path to becoming better lovers and creating a better sex life. I have practiced my sexual skills for thousands of hours. I am not like a sex therapist who only offers counseling for the bedroom, I actually go into that bedroom with them, where I am able to observe, explain, demonstrate and participate directly.

From lawyer to sex educator

Making the change from being a lawyer to being a tantric sex educator has completely transformed my life. As a lawyer, I felt that I was missing embodiment and depth, due to being stuck in my head all day. Now, I feel much more present, energy and am alive in my body. My relationship with my friends, family and most importantly myself has dramatically changed for the better.

What I have learned I put into this course

During the couple sessions it became clear to me that, even though everyone had his or her own unique story, many couples struggle with the same issues when they try to restore the chemistry in their love life. The things that we long for in the bedroom from our partner and also from ourselves are not that different from one another. In my sessions I developed and tested different exercises to help the couples reconnect with each other, re-sensitize their bodies, become vulnerable with each other, and transform their love life. I have put the best exercises in this course, together with the help of the Ultimate Lovers team.

Reaching more bedrooms

People often confide in me and tell me they feel like something is missing in their love life. They ask me what to do about sex that has become dull, disconnected, repetitive and unsatisfying. After years of doing sessions, I came to the realisation that I would reach more people through online courses and explain step by step what you can do to bring chemistry and pleasure back into the bedroom.

"Very deep wisdom that is desperately needed"

"I have received some very helpful imprints from Yves on how I can improve my sex life. In my opinion, Ultimate Lovers offers more that just sex education tools. In fact, it shows some very deep wisdom and not only that, it is new, innovative and desperately needed in these modern times, where many people are confused about their role as lover.

Around 7 years ago, I started my journey from unsatisfying sex, trying to do it right and aiming to please my partner, to the deep and fulfilling sex I experience now. And I would never have guessed beforehand that the ingredients to this profound change would be the ones that Yves is now willing to share with us."

- Edgar, Amsterdam, The Netherlands