Watch this video in which I explain further how you can create a strong sexual attraction in the bedroom.

Sexual attraction is based on the polarity between two opposing energies. Regardless of gender, we all have masculine and feminine energies within us. The more opposed these energies are between two people, the stronger the attraction will be.

Sexually speaking, the masculine takes charge and leads the feminine, while the feminine surrenders and follows the masculine. Both are active roles, neither one is more important than the other. Both are necessary for a fully polarised sexual dynamic. So while it is the masculine that provides the force of direction, it is the feminine that provides the force of energy. Feminine surrender is not about being passive, it’s about being open and allowing yourself to get in the flow. During sex, one partner must be more feminine, and create the energy of the flow, and the other partner must be more masculine, and provide structure and direction for this energetic flow.