In this video I give you some very useful tips on how to do tantric masturbation.

Perhaps you, as a guy, wonder why you should do tantric masturbation, or what I would call "cock yoga"? And what the heck is it in the first place?

Before I go on, let me say this to all women out there: this video is also good for you to watch. I am here to tell you most guys don't really know how to masturbate properly; if most guys don't know what to do with it, you can imagine most girls can't be that much better, right? There is more to it than just pumping the shot-gun. If you want to give your partner or lover a proper hand-job, this video may help you with that too.

Okay, back to the guys.

Cock yoga comes down to this: massaging your cock and masturbating without cumming, where the sole purpose is to train yourself to notice, observe and enjoy the tactical sensation. Just touching for the touching. No goal oriented approach. No jerking off as if your life depended on it, until you have blisters on your skin.

When you start doing this, you may not immediately find it pleasurable. Most men have become so used to watching porn or jerking off to fantasies that their cocks have become somewhat desensitized. They are wired to 'feel' horniness through visual overstimulation, and are prone to jerking off in a more fast & furious approach. Just lubing up and touching and massaging the cock and the genital area while staying present with the sensations sounds boring compared to what they are used to.

But guess what?

If you want to become a good lover, you will need to rewire your brain and resensitize your cock. Doing cock yoga will help you to feel more, not only in your cock, but in your whole body, and help you to stay present during sexual arousal (in stead of losing yourself in fantasies, porn, thoughts). The better you get at this, the better a lover you will be too. If you can't even stay present with your own body, you can forget about being able to stay present when you are with a woman. And if you can't be present with a woman during sex, your capacities as a lover will stay mediocre.

The are a lot more reasons why you should want to do cock yoga, but in my experience with coaching men, this definitely is the one reason men find important. We all want to be great lovers (or at least think we are).