Who's behind Ultimate Lovers?

Hi, I’m Yves and I’m a Tantric Gigolo. A what?! That’s right… a Tantric Gigolo. For years, I have coached women and couples on their path to becoming better lovers and creating a better sex life. I am not like a sex therapist who only offers counseling for the bedroom, I actually go into that bedroom with them, where I am able to observe, explain, demonstrate and participate directly.

Making the change from being a lawyer to being a Tantric Gigolo has completely transformed my life. As a lawyer, I felt that I was missing embodiment and depth, due to being stuck in my head all day. Now, I feel much more present in my body. Because of my profession as a Sex Educator, people often confide in me and tell me they feel like something is missing in their sex life. They ask me what to do about sex that has become dull, disconnected, repetitive and unsatisfying.

Great sex and Tantric Massage are skills that can be learned and practiced. It’s common to take piano lessons to learn how to play the scales. It’s also normal to take surf lessons to learn how to ride the waves. But where do you learn the art of great sex? Not at school, not usually from your parents, and certainly not from the online fast food porn that you can see within two mouse clicks.

There are hundred of books and workshops on offer, but people often find books too boring and workshops too intimidating. That’s why I’ve created an online course that is deep, exciting, and can be done in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

For this course I work together with a great team of experts in all fields and digital nomads all over the world.