Yves is the founder and creative mind behind Ultimate Lovers. He put together an enthusiastic and professional team of digital nomads and freelancers from around the globe to create online tantric courses. We believe we can make the world a better place if everyone would have access to sexual education based on Tantric knowledge and scientific insights, all shown in a hands on, sensual and beautiful way. We want to offer a healthy alternative to the 'fast-food porn' and the shallow sexual education that is offered in schools. We would love to teach the world a free and creative way to enjoy pleasure and voice your desires while also learning how to clearly state your own boundaries and respect the boundaries of others.


Yves Founder & Head of Content - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ruben Strategy & IT - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Annemarie Pelvic Floor Specialist - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ellen Design, PR & Marketing - Adelaide, Australia

Goncalo Filmmaker - Koh Phangan, Thailand

Alfe DJ & Music Producer - Barcelona, Spain

Ester Tantric Actor & Scientist - Berlin, Germany

Bella Tantric Actor - Oslo, Norway

Markus Tantric Actor & Bodyworker - Oslo, Norway

Margarida Animator - Lisboa, Portugal

Jessica Editor and copy writer - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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