Our Online Course TANTRIC DATE NIGHTS will teach you all these 5 Essentials

1. ENERGISE YOUR BODY to get the sexual energy flowing

  • Learn to use your breath to relax your body and circulate the sexual energy
  • Learn to make sounds to release tension and allow sexual energy to flow freely
  • Learn to relax the muscles whilst in the midst of passionate action

2. AWAKEN YOUR SENSES to transform your whole body into one big pussy or cock

  • Learn the Art of Tantric Touch to re-sensitise your hands and body
  • Learn to make full use of all your senses to tune into yourself and each other
  • Learn to rewire your brain to intensify how you experience pleasure

3. CREATE CHEMISTRY to find that spark and reignite the fire

  • Learn the dynamic of masculine and feminine polarity to start a fire
  • Learn to lead and to follow to increase the attraction
  • Learn to switch roles to create variety

4. BE BRAVE to take your sexual play to levels it’s never reached before

  • Learn to recognise, express and act upon your desires to electrify your sex life
  • Learn to set your boundaries and say no to eliminate pleasing behaviour
  • Learn to be daring and vulnerable to overcome fears and expand your comfort zone

5. HAVE FUN to stay in touch with your wild, curious & light-hearted nature

  • Learn to laugh at yourself to keep your sexual exploration light & fun
  • Learn to create an easygoing atmosphere to keep the learning enjoyable
  • Learn to tickle, hug, and laugh with your partner to lighten them up

Do you want to want to learn all these Essential during 4 fun evenings?

Dive into our Online Course TANTRIC DATE NIGHTS and you will be guided along all these 5 Essentials