Read the Love Letters people sent us about the Tantric Date Nights online course

"Feeling just how heightened the states of ecstasy were with adding the breath into it was really juicy."

Amber and Marcus, Australia

'“This really helped us to intimately connect first before we went deeper and deeper into sensuality and sexuality.”

Afke and Sjoerd, The Netherlands

'Yves taught us a new language of making love and connecting with our own bodies and each other. It gave our relationship a new spark.'

Marc and Sharon, The Netherlands

"We had the best sexual connection ever after the course, and that after 18 year relationship."

Rich and Lyndall, Australia

"It is amazing for everyone in a relationship who wants to connect on a deeper level and to have more intimacy."

Mayke, The Netherlands

"It felt like our own private retreat"

Doing the date night’s exercises and sharings with each other helped bring a depth of connection to our sexual play that we hadn’t experienced before. We never realised just how passionate we could look at each other. Or how much energy we could move through the other’s body with just our hands alone. Yves showed us how we could connect with each other by not only using our hands and bodies, but also our breath. This not only made our bodies much more sensitive. It also fired up our desires big time!

We would say that this Masterclass should be the a full YES for everyone who longs for a deep sexual and sensual connection with their partner.

Yves’ explanations and coaching, as well as the beautiful demonstrations of the exercises, massages and tantric experiments, were very inspiring. It felt like we had our own private retreat where everything was slowed down and talked about in a way that made it safe to share whilst also being sexy and fun.

Thank you Yves!

- Santa and James, London, United Kingdom

"A great online place for a kickstart of a new intimate connection, or for re-ignition of an existing one"

Yves and his team did such a great job creating this course! 
I followed Yves’ evolution from up-close. He really succeeded in integrating the best practices from different fields of intimate work.

 The course offers a rich set of tools for couples who want to deepen their connection. With a pinch of tantra, breath-work, touch exploration, play, massage and reflective exercises.

A great online place for a kickstart of a new intimate connection, or for re-ignition of an existing one.
 These four dates are fun, accessible, rich, explorative, sensual and connective. And you can do them at home in your own pace. A great thing to do if you’re not up for live workshops but want to move forward with your connection.

Did I mention the beautiful sensual surroundings and video material? A joy to watch real people sharing intimacy.
 Well done Ultimate Lovers!

-Annemarie Reilingh, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pelvic Therapist & Pleasure Advocate,

"Yves helped me to open up both to my wife and to myself"

Being together with my wife for around 30 years, we had a period where we almost had no sex anymore. It was mainly me, being withdrawing and grumpy.

The coaching sessions we did with Yves gave me a very clear understanding of what was going on in my and our lives. He helped me to open up both to my wife and myself, how to connect with her and to live again.

The coaching sessions formed the basis of working on myself and helped us transform our love and sex life in ways I would not have thought possible beforehand. And it is still getting better! I’m very thankful for the grounded, skilful and instructive coaching we received.

-Christian, Würzburg, Germany

"It helped us connect in softness with each other"

"We had a very relaxing evening! We find it difficult at times to schedule connection time with each other, as we both have busy lives. But after watching your welcome video, I really got in the mood for the date nights. I loved preparing the play space! The demonstrations, set in tropical surroundings, are stunning. Following the clear instructions and doing the exercises really helped us stepping out of our normal patterns. I have never given a guided massage before, and I really enjoyed doing it. And my boyfriend loved receiving it 😉. The date nights’ structure really helped us connect in softness with each other."

- Cindy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

"Very deep wisdom that is desperately needed"

"I have received some very helpful imprints from Yves on how I can improve my sex life. In my opinion, Ultimate Lovers offers more that just sex education tools. In fact, it shows some very deep wisdom and not only that, it is new, innovative and desperately needed in these modern times, where many people are confused about their role as lover.

Around 7 years ago, I started my journey from unsatisfying sex, trying to do it right and aiming to please my partner, to the deep and fulfilling sex I experience now. And I would never have guessed beforehand that the ingredients to this profound change would be the ones that Yves is now willing to share with us."

- Edgar, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"She said it felt like she had just received a massage by a pro"

"First thing that really hit me were the beautifully filmed demonstrations of the exercises, filmed in a chic honeymoon setting. These are simply jaw-dropping. I liked the balanced mix of background information, hands-on exercises and practical tips. This made our first steps in exploring tantra fun and easy. But really, what we have learnt feels much more comprehensive than what we expected ‘tantra’ to be.

The exercises - seemingly simple at first - gave me some great insights in how I could better and more intimately connect with my wife. We both learned valuable lessons on how we could avoid pleasing behaviour. This not only impacted our sex life for the better, but also how we met each other outside of the bedroom. Another one of these things that helped improve our connection with each other but even more so with ourselves, was learning to voice our desires and stating our boundaries. It is kind of weird that neither of us had ever really been taught how to do this, come to think of it. I wish I had known all this before.

Finally: I just loved improving my massage skills. The instructions were clear, and copying the strokes on screen was fun to do. My wife said it felt like she had just received a massage by a pro. Repeating her favorite massage just a few times made me confident enough to do it on my own. The massage only got better, since now I can focus even more on how she responds to the massage 😁."

- Arnout, Sydney, Australia

"I could feel the connection with my partner getting deeper"

These Date Nights were all fun nights at home! The videos look professional and contain beautiful exercises. The breathing exercises were powerful and the massages inspired me greatly. The course gave me tools and insights to get more self-esteem in the bedroom. During and after this course, I could feel the connection with my partner getting deeper; we could better understand each other’s longings and fears. We will definitely repeat a few of the exercises.

All in all a very inspiring and refreshing course that will bring you closer as a couple.

- An, Amsterdam, The Netherlands